Friday, December 28, 2007

11g webcenter first impressions

With the release of jdeveloper tp3 we finally can test the new features. It looks very promising. With the 10.1.3 webcenter release was not working so well. With 11G they fixed the refreshing (partial page rendering) of the whole portlet page when you do a submit in a custom jsf portlet. Popup windows works too , we can use list of values pages. Now we finally can make small fusion applications and registered it as a portlet on the webcenter container.
To deploy your taskflow or jsf page as a portlet you only have to select the page or taskflow and use the right mouse button and create portlet entry.
The overview of the registered producers is much better, you can register producers to your application or to the resource palette so you can use it in more applications. See the picture.
In 11g webcenter you also get some standard taskflows which you can use in your portal.

Another nice feature is that personalizing your portal is now very easy, You have to use the adf security wizard. Step 2 go the pagedef of the page and add security to page.
Step 3, give customize or personalize permissions to the right roles and we are ready
and there are a lot of other features with is not yet availible in the tp3 release like the social networking components, forums, announcements, page Service, presence, tasks , worklist and recent activities. With 11g we can mix now portlets with jsf applications.

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