Saturday, March 15, 2008

Flex random image panels

For one of the website I develop with dreamweaver, I want to have a image bar with 3 cars, but this is not so difficult but I had some demands how this should work. The images of each car has to change every few seconds and it has to be random. When you click on one of the images and it has to redirect you to the right car page. The last thing I want is that the configuration of the images as to be done in a xml.
This is the power of Flex, you can make this in a few hours , an expert within a hour. Here is a picture of the result or go to the website and see it in action

Here is an example of the xml I use. I have a car element with the images as child

Now let's look at the flex application xml. Globally this is what happens, I retrieve the xml and transform it to objects, start the timer which refresh the images. Last step is to add the code for redirecting to the right webpage when you click on an image.
This is code is not so dynamic, please update it and inform me about the changes.

Here you can download the project.

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