Sunday, March 8, 2009

Very cool JHeadstart 11g TP

Steven and his team released this week a technical preview of JHeadstart 11G. This great add-on for JDeveloper 11G can help you to generate a good looking web application which is based on best practices. This tool is a must have for developers who wants to generate professional ADF 11g web applications. A very good thing about this generator you still can re-use generated Task Flows. If you don't like to generate an application ( really, they exists , I just want to generate everything ,so I can show the customer results and after that I can do cool things ) you can always use this tool for prototyping or for the best practices, this tool is the advanced ADF course, if you understand this you are 11G professional.
Here some pics. this is an one page application with lot of regions.
An edit form

The overview page with an advanced search page

A generated department Task Flow, you can use this Task Flow for your other applications too

JHeadstart still uses velocity templates and now it has page and task flow templates. A lot of templates.

Here is the code of the generated main page, not much JSF code

The application definition editor, Now you have one defintion where you can add services ( in 10.1.3 you had for every ADF BC am an definition file) and we can define global LOV.

I know that I can learn from this tool and I think you too if you are an ADF developer. So money well spend.

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  1. What we need to add jar files to the project? for application work on weblogic ?