Saturday, September 25, 2010

Using the Oracle IPlanet Web & Proxy Server for FMW ( Reverse proxy )

With the Sun acquisition Oracle also acquired the IPlanet / Sun One software. Two of these Sun One products will play an important role in the Fusion Middleware. The first is the Oracle IPlanet Web Server 7.0 ( Or Sun One , IPlanet, Netscape Server ), I already know this Web Server from the Netscape timearea and it work nice. The IPlanet Web server can replace the Oracle HTTP Server or the Apache Server. IPlanet has some great advantages like a nice console application where you can configure nodes, configurations and instances or you can also use the command line for this. And It looks like WebLogic ( AdminServer, Managed Server , Nodes and Clusters ).
The second is the Oracle IPlanet Proxy Server 4.0. This product will replace the current Oracle WebCache version in FMW 12c (cloud). Oracle IPlanet Proxy can cache and filter web content.
Both IPlanet product supports reverse proxying. This means it can be used in front of the WebLogic Servers. The IPlanet Proxy Server can also cache the WebLogic content and supports filtering, like passing on every request to the WebLogic instances (this is the case with IPlanet Web Server ) or only when it starts with /em or /console etc.
Both product can be downloaded in edelivery ( Search for Fusion Middleware ).

We start with the Oracle Iplanet Web Server.
IPlanet Web Server
First select the right Configuration and after that theVirtual Server which is part of this Configuration. Click on Setup Reverse Proxy. 

You need to use / as URI prefix and the Weblogic servers seperated with , in the value of the Server Names field.

Because everything is forwarded to the WebLogic Server we can disable Java in the Configuration part. ( less resources)

Deploy your configuration and restart the Instance.

That's all for the IPlanet Web Server.

IPlanet Proxy Server
For the IPlanet Proxy Server you need to do the following.

Click on the right server
 Go to Routing and click on Regular Expression.
Here you can do every url or just one. For all then use /.* else for example /console/.*
I will use in this example /console/.*

Select your URL and Click on Select

Go to Configure HTTP Request Load Balancing where you can provide the WebLogic Servers in the Server field.

And start or restart the IPlanet Proxy Server


  1. Hi Edwin,

    Thank you for, again, another great post!

    By the way, do you know if is there any pure java reverse proxy solution available for Weblogic? I mean, I am looking for something similar to J2EPS (

    I have heard about Oracle(R) Traffic Director, but it seems that it is part of the Fusion Middleware product more than a standalone J2EE deployment.

    Thanks in advance,


  2. Hi Luis,

    Don't know the weblogic, fmw plans for 12c.
    But apache is the best and most used etc. So with this you can't go wrong.


  3. Hi Edwin,

    Thank you for this great article, I am curretnly working on integrating Webseal-->iPlanet--->iis server. iPlanet is acting as a reverse proxy, I did a basic reverse proxy setting, however some of the redirect URls coming from IIS are showing the return path with http://iPlanet/content, where as we need the return URl should be http://webseal/junction/content.

    Where in iPlanet can I define the reverse proxy as webseal, so that when every the redirect or any request going out of iPlanet to IIS, should reflect as if the request source is Webseal.

    Appreciate your support.


  4. My Application Webserver is Oracle Iplanet 7.0. I trying to implement URL redirection for my application, with the below URLS when used in browser

    Redirection from


    I have used the following code in the obj.conf file" > NameTrans fn="redirect" url="$uri" The above redirection rule is working only on Internet Explorer. What changes should I apply in obj.conf file such that the redirection supports for all the browsers