Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Google Chrome with ADF 10G & 11G, Applet and Flash

Google released their new browser called Chrome, which is off course still beta ( that is normal for google). This browser not only looks fancy but it is very nice to browse the web. Andrej Koelewijn already talked about the internal memory page. Let's try some sites to know what the normal memory usage is. To do this you can open the taskmanager

This gives you already a nice overview.

or you can type about:memory in the url input. This gives you more memory info. So let's test some websites ( like and my own blog), an ADF 10.1.3 , ADF 11g application, an applet and a flash application. Here are the results.

A normal website ( Tab 2 and 5 ) use about 26 MB of memory, the most complex 10g ADF page ( Tab 9) use 22MB and ADF 11g website gives me a not supported notice. Chrome also shows flash as a different memory process. A big flex application can take 50MB of memory and a small one 22MB.

Too bad I can't not run a java applet with the current installed jre. I need to install Java SE 6 Update 10 RC beta. You can download this at
A simple Applet takes about 29MB of memory.

Happy browsing.

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