Saturday, September 6, 2008

Use Flex in JSF with Exadel Fiji

Maybe you already saw this news at the serverside or by James Ward but Exadel just released Fiji. With Fiji you can use Flex applications in a JSF page and interact with the other JSF component or backing beans. I already tried this too but Exadel got it working with a lot of great options. You can develop now better looking and richer JSF applications with cool video or charts components. These flex applications can be a part of the jsf application without using blazeds or lifecycle. And of course you can use Flex to build complex parts of your jsf page ( like Charts, Drag and Drop, Video or Trees) and you can do it a lot faster and it is easier.

Here can you see the exadel jsf flex demos or read more about Fiji at the Exadel product page .

Fiji options
1) use f:param to pass values to the flex application
2) use HTTPService to retrieve any value of a backing bean method.
3) use DataService to retrieve the result using AMF format.
4) Invoking Ajax Request to send events to other parts of the jsf page.
5) Access to the flex api from the jsf page
6) New Flex Charts components in JSF without making a flex application

A little example
You can pass parameters to the flex application. Just use f:param and el

<fiji:swf src="/simpleHello/simpleHello.swf" id="simpleHello"
bgcolor="#FFFFFF" width="320" height="180">
<f:param name="userName" value="#{bean.simpleHelloUserName}" />

And retrieve the parameters in Flex just use Application.application.parameters.userName

<mx:Application xmlns:mx="" layout="absolute">
<mx:Form x="22" y="10" width="280">
<mx:Label id="userName" styleName="text" text="{Application.application.parameters.userName}" />


  1. Thanks for the post Edwin, you're saving me a lot of time doing research on how other technologies are integrating with JSF, ADF etc. Good stuff! :)

    For the record I've indexed your post and others on the Oracle Wiki.


  2. Thanks Chris,

    I like to work on the edges of Oracle. It's all about fusion.

    I will try to make some flex charts and video applications and integrate them in ADF 10.1.3