Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Scheduling processes in soa suite 11g

A new feature in soa suite 11g is the scheduling of processes. You can schedule different types of code. The schedular exists of 4 types. First is the schedular where you can change the frequency, the second is the job type. There are 3 different types, one to run a java class, plsql procedure and to run a binary file. The last two are the job set and the job definition. With these two you can run job type(s). With the job set you can run multiple job types and job definitions parallel or serial.

In the jobtype you can first define the java class file, priority, parameters and system properties

Now we can add a job set or a job definition to the project. With the job set you can run job types or job defintions parallel or serial.

In the job definition you must select a job type.

The last picture is of course the schedular. Too bad in TP3 you can't add job sets and job definitions to the schedular.


  1. Hi Edwin,

    I apologize in advance for waking a post which is 9 months old. We are a new SOA Suite 11g customer. One of the things I had hoped to use the SOA Suite for was to schedule java programs. I was pleasantly surprised when I read your post as this is exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately it appears this functionality was removed somewhere along the way. I do not seem to have this type of project available in JDEV Was this functionality in fact replaced? If so is there a way to accomplish a similar thing using functionality native to the SOA Suite. Thank you!

  2. Hi,

    I didn't noticed this, very strange. Hope Oracle release a patch for this and that we don't need to wait for a year.

    But maybe the functionality stilll works but jdeveloper doesn't have a wizard for this. or they used the scheduling framework of oc4j and they didn't something like this in wls


  3. Hi,

    I heard this will be part of Oracle Apps and not default in Soa Suite.


  4. Hi Edwin,
    It seems very strange that 11g SOA doesn’t provide scheduling capability (scheduling component is available from most competing SOA ESB products).

    There is an Oracle Support bug assigned for providing the 10g SOA capability in 11g (Bug 8927175: PROVIDE QUARTZ SCHEDULER) but it appears that there is no work done on this bug.

    We are in the process of migrating from SOA 10g to 11g SOA and it would be nice to get an idea of the intended solution from Oracle before we go into the trouble of creating our own lower level solution. I assume that the Oracle solution will be more related to ‘CommonJ API which is standard in Weblogic’ than quartz which is third party product.


  5. Hi,

    I addressed this issue last october and they were surprised that we want this feature, it's now an apps feature.

    yep the commonj is the standard now, al the big companies are using this. be aware they is a cluster and standalone implementation.


  6. Hi,

    I am using Oracle SOA Suite 11g(11.3) and Jdeveloper (11.3) but I am not able to find that scheduler menu while navigating new->All Technology-->SOA Tier-->
    please help me, is there any specific patch we need to install for this.

  7. Hi,

    the schedular is part of EBS, but Oracle thinking about adding it to the soa suite.

    To add more pressure to this, you need to create an enhancement request in oracle support.

  8. Hi Edwin, just though you would be interested to know that Rubicon Red provide an out of the box scheduler for the Oracle SOA Suite, enabling you to schedule:

    - Execution of a synchronous web service
    - Execution of one way or two way asynchronous web service
    - Publication of an EDN event to the SOA Suite Event Delivery Network

    The scheduler is fully cluster aware (it uses Coherence for this). We are about to release version 2.0, which includes a new UI. See for further details.