Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tagging and searching in Webcenter 11G

What is tagging in webcenter 11G? With tagging we can add keywords (tags) to pages. These tags can be found with the search taskflow. See below for the pictures. The great thing of these webcenter taskflows you can use it in a normal adf application too. You don't need a webcenter application server ( wsrp ). I don't know about the license details to use these components in normal adf applications.
What do you need to get tagging working. First you have to use taskflow ( adfc-config.xml ) In this unbounded taskflow we create the pages. We have to do this so we can click on tagged item and then it re-directs to the right page. On the jsf page we add the tagging button from the component palette ( Webcenter tagging service) . Now we have to fill in the resourceId #{facesContext.viewRoot.viewId} , this is important to link the page to the tag. In my case #{facesContext.viewRoot.viewId} = document . If I click on a tagged item then the unbounded taskflow knows which page this is and redirects to document page.

Now we add from the resource palette the tagging-launch-dialog taskflow. This is needed for the tagging popup. Add the search-toolbar taskflow to the page too.

We have to add security to the page by using the adf security wizard then open the pagedef of the jsf page so we can add view rights to the jsf page. Go to the structure window of the pagedef and start edit autorization and give the roles oc4j-administrator and oc4j-app-administrators customize, personlize and view rights.

The last step is to create the webcenter database schema and create a database connection named WebCenter in jdeveloper and we are ready to give it a testdrive.

Here you see the search toolbar and a Tags link (tagging button) Now if I click on the Tags link, the tags dialog pops up. Here we can add tags. Use the shared tag option if you want to share the tags with others
Now it's time to search for a tag. In this case I add java to the search input and start searching. A search dialog pops up and it shows the tag java and the items where it is found. In my case are that the document and search page. I can click this and it jumps to this page. Because I have a content repository connection it searches in this too.

Here we can click on More. This shows a more complex search page. Here we can save our search entries.

If we click on the tag "java" then we see this more detail search page. Here we can see who has created this tag

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