Wednesday, June 18, 2008

ODTUG ADF & SOA highlights

This week I saw a lot of interesting things about ADF and Soa suite 11G. Clemens Utschig did show in BPEL how to use the sdo webservice created with adf bc and use this in a bpel bind entity activity. The bind entity can be used to update a particuler record without using a database adapter, it binds to the sdo web service. You can use the xslt editor to put in a new value on a element and the soa suite updates the right record in the database. And off course the soa suite is all about events. Publish an event from ADF or from a Complex event processing (CEP) and use a Mediator which can listen for these event. You may think why this is important. It is very important because in the old days you have to make one big process. This can be a very complex process. With events you can split up this big process in smaller parts which are much easier to maintain.
Duncan Mills did some nice ADF demo with excel as a gui client. He had a webapp where a flash graph is shown. He opens the excel document and the data was retrieved from the webapp (this is done with a servlet , no odbc). Duncan updates the data in excel and the graph detects the updated records and refreshes the graph. There will be an adf installer for office with this you can create a excel document, which can cummunicate with ADF in the webapp. This installer will be released in Jdev 11g TP6.
Steven Davelaar did a nice presentation how JSF components internally work and what the impact of the immediate option is. He also presented with Wilfred van der Deijl the new JHeadstart with OraFormsFaces integration. With this solution you can easily generate new webapp and embed your existing Oracle Forms into this webapp. So you can mix new and old technology and generate it all with jheadstart.


  1. Hi,

    could you write more details about using Excel as ADF client.

  2. Hi,

    It's very simple , you install the oracle plugin ( you don't need visual studio anymore only the plugin) and you have the same options in excel like in a jsf page with a pagedef. You have a kind of datacontrol and drop from this anything in excel and the plugin creates iterators, valuebinding and executables like in a normal pagedef. Excel communicates with the servlet in the webapp. See my previous blog entries for more informations about adf excel

  3. Hi, could you show this solution step by step on your blog ?