Sunday, August 2, 2009

JDeveloper 11G improvements for the Mediator component

With JDeveloper 11G FMW R1 Oracle made life a little bit easier when you are working with the Mediator component. In 10.1.3 the ESB Router can do a lot but you didn't have IDE support to configure this.
The first big change is the Assign option in the routing rules. In 10.1.3 you can change the header properties of a adapter by setting these values in the XSLT transformation of a routing.

In 11G you can't set a adapter property in a routing rule transformation. You need to do this in the assign option. This is a great feature, the transformation doesn't contain any hidden logica.

This assign wizard summarize all the possible header properties you can set. In 10.1.3 you have to search the internet what properties you can use.

The ESB XSLT header functions are now being replaced by the Mediator Get Functions. The Set functions are replaced by the Assign option.

In 11G you can create a Domain Value Map in JDeveloper. In 10.1.3 we had to do this in the ESB console, this is great for the DVM lookup XSLT function. You can use the looking glass button to select the right values.

The XSLT GetProperty function also summaries all the adapter properties.

In 10.1.3 we have a ESB request parameter to see the original request in the reply transformation. In 10.1.3 we have to do this all manually with JDeveloper 11G you have now an Include Request option in the reply Transformation.

In the XSLT editor you can use the request values in your reply transformation.


  1. Hi Edwin,

    I was trying out oraext:last-index-within-string('dfgfFhjjjF','F') function in mediator Assign activity inorder to split a full file path into file name and directory name and to assign it to my outbound adapter header properties as you have mentioned. But I am getting an xpath error. Apparently I tried some more functions in oraext: and all seems to have the same issue. Do you have any idea?


  2. Hi,

    Strange, I think it should work, please make a service request or make a forum post in the soa forum.


  3. Hi,

    did you find the solution on the oraext xpath errors? I have the same and searching in several places could not find anything yet.

    Thank you!

  4. Hi,

    This is strange, do you have a stacktrace and tested it with PS2.

    worst case scenario what certainly work make you own custom function, that is not so difficult.