Monday, July 21, 2008

OOW08 Mix presentations and ADF & SOA

The result of the oracle openworld 2008 mix competition are published. It really surprises me they are not so much ADF (not any) or SOA presentations selected as I would expect. The new ADF Rich Faces and Soa suite 11g are really cool stuff. So why is that, is ADF too difficult ? or are there already too much ADF presentations at OOW08. I think that the Oracle customers are now using the database, forms/designer and the BI tool of Oracle. I believe that the customers want to use ADF but the learning curve is too high that's why APEX and BI are so popular. The Oracle customers cannot transform their classic developers to ADF developer so easily.
The ADF developer community is not so large, it has to be a lot bigger to survive. To make this happen, Oracle has to promote and invest into JHeadstart ( it has to be more like APEX ) so the customer will make the step to go from APEX or Forms to Jheadstart. The second step Oracle has to do is to make sure that the BEA java developers will use ADF. So the ADF community will be large and important else ADF will only be used in the Oracle Apps.
By the way here are the SOA or Portal presentations which are selected by the Oracle mix people for OOW08.
BEA Aqualogic versus Oracle Fusion Middleware shoot out by Lonneke Dikmans
Oracle Portal, WebCenter and Stellent – which one should you use ? by by Eric Marcoux
How to Effectively use Web 2.0 Technologies within a Portal by Howard Block.


  1. Hi

    I am new to ADF 11g. I am trying to create Input combobox LOV exposing EJB Toplink as a datacontrol.In List binding editor,i dont know what to give in list data source and base data source.It's really confusing..

    can u provide steps for creating LOV using EJB Toplink?

    Thanks in advance..

  2. Hi,

    I will take a look , I know when you use adf bc then you 'll get this out of the box.

    A normal combobox or listbox is easy. but for combox lov popup you have to do more.


  3. Hi,

    I made a post about this , it does not works perfectly

    thanks Edwin