Thursday, July 31, 2008

Try the new Oracle Metalink site build in Flex

James Ward already announced it that Oracle is using Flex for their console websites like the Enterprise Manager website but now you can try the new Oracle Metalink in Flex. The new Metalink looks really cool. Try it yourself just use your own metalink account.


  1. What happened to their ADF c**p? Internally they use other company's product for productivity.. and outside they mess up other people's productivity by ADF.. Hmm, not very fair.

  2. Yeah I can understand your feeling. First they tried some APEX now they are using Flex. Probably they don't have an Answer to RIA. Sun has JavaFX , microsoft has silverlight.

    With ADF 11g and Webcenter they have an answer only these technolgies will be released in 2009 and they started in 2007 with these Flex sites. But I find Flex easier to use then ADF.

    With Flex you have 1 mxml file where you do your css, backing bean stuf and your page layout and no strange pagedef stuff. And all code is open, you can do Monkey Patching on it.

  3. There were a couple of reasons they went with Flex specifically they needed to be production - and ADF RC is not production yet.
    They also needed to support older browsers and ADF RC mandates IE 7, FF 2.

    However as far as I know the UI part is suppose to be replaced in the future with ADF RC.

    They also have internal facing systems that are using ADF Faces 10.1.3 right now.

    So I wouldn't be saying that Oracle is not using ADF.

  4. I'm sure that Oracle uses ADF Faces for some internal system (they must use it......). But I have never seen a web page implemented with ADF Faces in the Oracle web site (or metalink, etc).

    I mean, Microsoft uses Microsoft technology (ASP, ASP .NET and Silverlight, etc.) to build their own Web sites (Good signal). Oracle, instead, uses Adobe technology (or maybe anything else)but not ADF Faces (Bad signal). So It is dificult for me to trust in technology that is avoided by their own creators.

    I think this fact help me to decide avoid the ADF Faces in future projects.

    So sorry.

  5. Oracle is using ADF for all their Apps. 2000 developer are now developing with ADF. It has to be good.
    But your are right nobody is using ADF on the internet. It is only used for enterprise applications. You need a big Application Server Farm to serve 10.000 users. And more important you can not use IE6.

    And microsoft has activeX and silverlight to support nice gadgets (client side). Maybe Oracle has to use javafx or flex. But Oracle has developed ADF for the Apps not for us and for the internet

  6. There is a LOT of Oracle technology in the tech stack for My Oracle Support, but true the UI is in Flex. App Server, Database, Enterprise Manager, Secure Enterprise Search etc... all behind the scene. 49% of customers are running IE 6, so we had to make sure to support that.

  7. I recently tried the flex interface again, but i don't like it. I don't think it works better/nicer than a normal html interface. Not sure why, but the interface feels slower than normal html (this is on linux in firefox), and i can't scale the fonts like i normally do (ctrl +/-).
    There's really no reason to use flex, it doesn't do anything that you can't do with html.

  8. Hi andrejk,

    For Oracle this is the best option , every platform has a flash player except iphone. And with blazeds or livecycle you got a lot of server side options to send or push data, And you don't need to download the layout data, only the data is send to the client

    Maybe Oracle can build a metalink AIR application. Local Application is always better then the web.

    If every internet user upgrades to ie8 or ff3. Then Oracle can build metalink in ADF Rich faces.

  9. Not sure why you think a local app is better than a web app. I like gmail better than any desktop mail application. Personally i think gmail works a lot better than oracle connect, so i'm not sure why they are using flex. Also, right now i'm using tweetdeck for twitter, for once seesmic brings out their similar web app, i'll probably switch to that. No use putting all those apps on my machine.