Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Document library service in webcenter 11g

One of nice working webcenter TP3 features is document library service. This is standard taskflow which gives a overview of your documents on your file system or content (db) server. Too bad the file system option is limited to search and view. If you use the content db connection then you get all the options like add, move, copy, delete and checkout of documents. This is how it looks.

In this blog I will show how easy it is to have this working on your own file system. First we make a content repository connection. I use file system as repository type and my ebooks folder as base url.
We drag the doclib-document-library taskflow from the resource palette on a jsf page. Go to Webcenter Services Catalog and open the task flow folder.
Now we need the name of the content repository connection, in my case ${'MyEbooks'} and the start folder ${'/'}.
We are finished and ready to run the jsf page. Here is an another picture of a search action on my ebooks.


  1. Hi Edwin,

    I'm trying to get this working. However, when I click test connection, I get a blank. I suspect it's the way i've installed jdev 11g/webcenter 11g but maybe you have some idea's.


  2. Hi,

    are you using jdev 11g TP4.

    thanks Edwin

  3. Hi Edwin,

    I read the documentation on Document Library Service, that it provides versioning of those documents.

    Do you have any idea, how this is done? What taskflow do I use for versioning?

    I appreciate any help you can provide.


  4. Hi,

    You need to have content services to enable the versioning option. So you need content DB.

    thanks Edwin