Friday, May 2, 2008

What's new and interesting in JDeveloper 11g TP4

Oracle has just released the Technical Preview 4 of JDeveloper 11g, Webcenter, Soa Suite 11g and the J2EE edition of the BAM Server. See note 565899.1 on metalink how to enable Soa Suite and BAM Server on JDeveloper TP4. Download patch 7009059 for the Soa Suite TP4 Documentation and patch 7009057 for the BAM and B2B addon patch
This TP4 release is all about events.

In JDeveloper 11g TP4 there are some new features like
Active Data Service, this is very interesting push framework. ADS refreshes the ADF bindings when the data source is changed. This data source has to publish events. BAM can be a data source which can publish event.
MDS Metadata services, Customizing pages is more explained.

New features of Soa suite 11g
Event delivery network, A new Enterprise console and Business Rules is more explained and off course the J2EE edition of Oracle BAM.
There is a lot to blog about especially about events and how to use this in ADF, Soa suite and in BAM.

So check this blog and other Oracle bloggers for all the new details.


  1. HI! MDS Metadata services is included in JDeveloper 11g? And I want to know if in JDeveloper is possibility to build jsp pages from meta-data? That is if I define a new attribute somewhere, then the attribute will be defined in DB an all jsp pages in which I want?
    And how to that?

    Best Regards, Kristaps

  2. Hi,

    MDS will be supported in the next release of jdeveloper 11g.

    in TP4 you can try this out.

    JDeveloper is possibility to build jsp pages from meta-data?

    You can customize pages with MDS, you can do this visualy see my MDS blogs entries.

    and you can use page templates with conditions or build pages dynamicly from a backing bean. See my adf dynamic blog entries.

    thanks Ediwn

  3. Where I can find adf dynamic blog entries in your blog? Can you explain?

    And with that I could build jsp pages defining an attribute in one place and automatically this attribute will shown in all jsp pages?

    Best regards, Kristaps

  4. And with that I could build jsp pages defining an attribute in one place and automatically this attribute will shown in all jsp pages?

    this is called 11g jsf templates adf , if you search on google you will find it

    here some dynamic examples


  5. Does OSB 10.3.1 supports the BAM adapter?

  6. Hi,

    not directly by an adapter , I think you want to send events to the BAM, I believe you can do a service callout from a proxy flow, Bam support a ws or jms. This should work.

    Thanks Edwin

  7. Hi,Edwin! I'm studying in master studies! My master work is to show how I can develop app very fast, agile methodology. For example, I have several pages with large amount data. In previous project where I worked the changes come so fast. Needed to drop most columns, add some new in DB. After that I needed to synchronize EO in Model, delete some fields from *.jsp pages and add new fields. It was so boring and needed much time. Maybe You can suggest something? For example, how can I build pages so that I drop some columns from DB or add, the changes come to my page automatic? I think, there can be a metadata level operations. Is I'm right?
    Maybe it can be done by MDS or using ADS? I was reading Your blog about MDS but don't understand quite well! Do You have detailed information about that - MDS and ADS how to use them - some step by step tutorials with detailed info or demo video ent-to-end? I really want to know how can I do! My be You have addition info about my problem and agile methodology principles in Jdeveloper 11g?
    Can You write me an e-mail? My e-mail is -

    Hope You help me!!!

    Best regards, Kristaps

  8. Hi Kristaps,

    in jdeveloper you can only achieve this by using jheadstart, this uses a metadata file and generates all the jsf code based on the adf bc model.

    mds in adf is for storing the user customizations

    just try jheadstart escpecially when you want data driven pages


  9. Hi, Edwin! Maybe You have some other resources how to develop IS using agile? If Yes, please give me an advice!

    Best regards, Kristaps

  10. Hi, Edwin! Can You give me an links to tutorials about MDS and ADS? Where is step by step tutorials for this topics in short details.

    Best Regards, Kristaps

  11. Hi,

    for MDS see this

    and this

    in PS1 coming this month they will add more data push support , in the current release this is limited.