Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pimping your Rich Table in JDeveloper 11G

Probably you already know or saw that the new Rich Table of ADF 11G is very fancy but in this blog I will show you how to make it much cooler but adding some standard ADF components to it. With this as result.

You can reorder table columns or hide / show a column
With Detach you get a maximized page where only the table is shown.
Excel export.
This example based on the department and employees table of the HR demo schema.

The first step I did, is to drag the employee viewobject from the data control to the JSF page. I choose the ADF Master Table , Inline Detail Table option. Employee is my case the master and department is the inline table.

Select the columns of the employeesView
Press the green plus button to add the departmentView as an inline table

Then drag a PanelCollection to the page and move the just created table to this PanelCollection.

In the toolbar facet of the PanelCollection we add a toolbar with an commandToolbarButton. Drag the exportCollectionActionListener on this toolbar button and give the Rich Table as Id "table".

And we are finished.


  1. Hi Edwin,
    I'm trying to make an "ADF Master Table, inline Detail Table" in Jdev But i can't see this option!
    How can i make it?

    Thanks for your help


  2. Hi Clement,

    you are right, but it is still easy

    first this

    Are you using adf bc. if so you have create a view link between two viewobjects. Then add view1 in the application module and add the detail view under this view.

    Ok drag the master viewobject on the page, use adf table. now open the datacontrol and select the child viewobject and drag it on the detailstamp facet of the master table

    that's all

  3. Hi Edwin,
    I try your solution, but it doesn't works : child shown are always the same!
    When i clic on a parent's cross, the children shown is not the children of the parent : whatever the parent, it always show the same children.

    Any idea?

  4. Hi,

    it seems like there is no viewlink between the master / detail viewobject or it is not well defined in the application module.

    can you send me a testcase

    biemond at gmail dot com


  5. Hi Edwin,
    First, I wish you a happy new year!

    In Jdev, inline table doesn't seem to work...
    When inline table is empty, nothing appear in the "detail facet"

    When inline table has datas, a empty table appear (only headers columns are displayed)

    Do you have any solution?

    Thanks for your help


  6. Hi Edwin,
    For information, i log a SR about this problem. Devlopment team reply that inline detail table is not supported anymore.

  7. My table uses a detailStampFacet. I tried export to Excel, the columns inside detailStampFacet are not exported.

    It doesnt matter, whether i keep the detailStampFacet expanded/collapsed before i do a export.

    Any pointers ?

  8. Hi,

    I think this is not possible. Take a good look at the export file, it is just a html table and not a native excel file.