Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Debugging Task Flow in JDeveloper 11G

With the final release of JDeveloper 11g we can debug Task Flows. This is a major step especially when you realize it is just xml definitions.
To debug a Task Flow you only have to select a calling task flow, view, method or router in this Task Flow and use the right button to toggle the Breakpoint.

When Weblogic reaches a breakpoint you will return to JDeveloper where you will see the debugging information in one of the following tabs, Smart Data, Data or ADF Data or EL Evaluator.

Here I add a breakpoint to a router to see the result of the method. The method returns a pageflowscope variable.The value of this pageflowscope variable can be seen in the EL evaluator. In this it is false because the salary is higher then 2000.

I wish you happy Debugging.

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