Sunday, July 5, 2009

ADF web applications and Oracle Enterprise Manager a perfect match

In the release of Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g the old Enterprise manager website is back. And this EM website is the bomb for ADF web applications. ( Well done) . In FMW11g EM you can off course do the standard things like deploy and undeploy, but Oracle added some extra to this site. You can now the measure performance of your ADF BC applications modules, Servlets , Web application and Task Flows. Change or tune the BC4J config parameters , change MDS or security settings ( add WSM policies ) or change the endpoint of your web service client.
Too bad this EM website is not available in the internal WLS of JDeveloper 11g ( It can be handy for performance tuning).
But we can install weblogic 10.3.1 and add the ADF Runtime and EM website to this WebLogic Domain. For this we need to download Application Development Runtime

Create a new WebLogic Domain and enable the Oracle Enterprise Manager / JRF options

When you want to deploy your ADF application to this WLS server then you probably missing some java libraries. To solve this change your war deployment so the required jars are added to the web-inf/lib.

We need to deploy the ear and not the war else the adf connections and security settings are not deployed. You can only deploy the ear from the application menu.

Here is a picture of the EM website ( http://localhost:7001/em ) where we can see our ADF applications

Overview of the deployed ADF application.

we can go the ADF settings by selecting ADF menu option

Here we can see the ADF BC AM performance
Overview of the Task Flow performance

We can change the BC4J configuration properties.

My application has a web service client and here we can change the endpoint or add some WS-Security policies.

And off course see the total ADF application performance.


  1. Any idea how to get the rather than the latest version of the "Application Development Runtime" installer?

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    you can try or I think you got a support contract if so then you can make a service request at


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