Thursday, July 2, 2009

Customize and personalize your JSF pages with MDS / FMW 11G

In a previous post ( TP4 ) I already showed how you an application user can personalize the JSF pages of the ADF 11G application and that ADF will persists these username, role or site changes in a file or database. In TP4 I had to configure MDS manually. With the July release of JDeveloper 11g we can do this with a few wizards.

First we need to enable Customizations the viewcontroller project options. Enable User and Seeded Customizations
Open the adf-config.xml where we have to select the type of customization. We can choose user , role or site. You can always make your own customization class and select this class instead of the default options.

I choose for UserCC, this means I need to enable and configure ADF Security

Select Tag Configuration and choose for example column. This mean the user can change the properties of a table column.
In this case I want to enable that the user can change the column order and the width of the column.

The last step is to configure MDS or the Metadata repository. for this we need to go the application properties.

Make a new MAR deployment profile.

Select the MDS option where we can select the just created MAR profile.
Finally we can run your ADF application and change the column order of a ADF table. We can see these changes on our file system. ( JDEV_USER_HOME JDeveloper\system11.\o.mds.dt\adrs )


  1. Hi,

    is it possible to deploy an MDS capable ADF web application to a standalone WebLogic 10.3.1?

    The domain is configured with the JRF Libs. EM is not installed so far.

    So how to create a metadata repository in my domain without FMW EM11g? Trying WLST commands like createMetadataRepository(...) do not work, not available.

    Do you have some hints for me to get MDS working on WLS1031 without FMW11g em?


  2. Hi ,

    I tried to execute this example without having ADF Security. But I got and Warrning message saying,

    “WARNING: ADFv: Trouble getting the mutable document from MDS. oracle.mds.exception.NoTipCustomizationLayerException: MDS-00091: Unable to customize /pages/clientCM_Edit.jspx, empty or null value for tip customization layer user.

    Aug 21, 2009 10:48:41 AM getDocument ”

    You knows how to solved this issue, please let me know. Please be kind enough to drop and mail to ""


  3. Hi Sunanda,

    I also got a warning but it works for me , but I think you adf security when you use userCC . what did you use

    thanks Edwin

  4. Hi Andreas,

    I don't knwo if this is possible but I think this is possible. Did you configure a file or db mds repository on the wls server.

    ADF communicates to the file or db mds repos and to the em website.

    thanks Edwin

  5. Hi Edwin,

    Now my application also worked properly, Thanks for your help. But I have the same question, “How to configure WLS to store user customization .xml MDS files? “

  6. Hi Sunanda,

    Did you read this

    this blog is about the mds store in the enterprise manager

    hope this helps

  7. Hi Edwin,

    Thank you very much for your help. I follow your link and try to work according to your post.

    Now we got and technical issue, RCU can only load schema in Oracle Database with version and higher or and higher. At present our Oracle Database version is Because of that, to install RCU we need to upgrade Oracle Database with version

    After doing that I will try your solution.


  8. Hi,

    I am trying to achieve the same. But when I am deploying the adf application in solaris sparc, weblogic 10.3. I am getting this message Info: Auto generated MAR archive was empty, not added to EAR.

    And it is not working. Can you please help me to fix this.