Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oracle OpenWorld 2009 Fusion middleware highlights

The most important news is that Oracle plans to release JDeveloper 11g R1 PS1 in November. This so called patch set is more a new release ( more then 550+ new features ) then a patch
Here is my quick overview of the features and products I noticed at OOW.


- Oracle improved the ADF Event mechanism, so the Task Flow fragment regions can communicate much better, You can define the event on a JSF item and not manually in the pagedef, define your own payload. For example in an ADF tree with employees and departments you can send an event when the user select an item in the tree and this number will be passed on to the right task flow. And you even can fire events with drag and drop. For more info buy the coming book of Frank Nimphius, he wrote a whole chapter about this subject.
- ADS active data services pushing the data to the page, Frank N. and Matthias W. made a great demo
- Maybe Maven support.
- Better EJB support in ADF

ADF Mobile
Build your web application just like a normal ADF web application on deploy this on weblogic server. These mobile jsf pages which work on every phone in the native look of the phone, the so called the browser version. With mobile you can also build native applications for blackberry and windows mobile ( just make the right deployment profile ) and this will work with the black berry and windows mobile services and these services will sync with the oracle lite server. So this technology makes it possible to make an offline ADF application, when there are enough customers who wants this feature then Oracle will build this. ADF mobile is now only supported with ADF BC and the next versions will have also have web services support.
For more info see the Amis blog

Soa Suite 11G
-The soa suite is becoming more and more complete, the next version will have a spring context component, this component is in this version only available as technical preview. But this is a good start and there are talks about supporting C code in the composite.
- EDN Event Delivery Network now only works with AQ but there will be also a JMS implementation.
For more info see the blog of Torsten and Hajo

In one of the hands-on sessions we could play with BPM 11g and it is really great. You can now use JDeveloper to configure it and BPM is an composite component in the Soa Suite. So you can take a look or change it at the BPM level or go to the composite level. BPM uses the human task flows components of the soa suite for the human interaction, Next we can import this human task in jdeveloper to create an task flow which can be deployed in the worklist application. And BPM introduces the BPM composer which is a web application ( don't need jdeveloper ) where you can change your process. Oracle thinks to release it early 2010.

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