Friday, December 21, 2007

JHeadstart roadmap to 11g

Steven, the architect of the jheadstart made a new blog entry over the value of jheadstart when jdeveloper 11g is released. I think jheadstart will always be handy, You can easily generate c.r.u.d. pages, implement security , flex fields , language support , dynamic menu etc. Your customer will be satisfied that you can show a whole application so fast. So you have time over to do make the complex pages.
Steven mentioned in this blog some nice jheadstart 11g features/ plans. Here are the main new features
  • other data controls support besides adf bc, Maybe wsdl , ejb , jmx etc
  • of course the new rich faces ui components
  • the use bounded task flows
  • drag and drop support so you can drag an employee to an another department
  • Jheadstart can set the security on the adf binding ( in the pagedef)
I hope the jheadstart team releases some technical previews else we have to wait a long time because jdeveloper 11g will be released next fall.

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