Sunday, December 23, 2007

Starting with soa suite 11g

Oracle released jdeveloper 11g technical preview 3, in this release they added soasuite 11g and webcenter 11g. I already played with the soa suite and here are some tip to start with soasuite yourself.
By the way ESB is now called mediator and the mediator component is the same as routing in 10.1.3

First we install a separate jdeveloper home. Don't mix it with your normal adf jdeveloper 11g home.

Step 2 configure the soasuite schema
We have to install the soa schema in a database. Go to the jdev_home\rcu\integration\soainfra\sql folder and start sqlplus sys/password as sysdba and start this script @createuser_soainfra_oracle_all.sql adrs_soainfra welcome USERS TEMP
Now we log in as the soa suite schema user sqlplus adrs_soainfra/welcome @createschema_soainfra_oracle_all.sql adrs_soainfra

Step 3 configure the oc4j container for soa
Start jdeveloper go to tool menu / preferences -> run and select integrated oc4j , We are ready to configure the oc4j container. Go to tools menu / configure soa. We have to fill in the soa suite schema user / password. The installation takes a while ( 5 minutes).

Step 4 starting the soasuite container by pressing the blue round button with a green arrow point.

Step 5 some handy url's
Soa console http://localhost:8988/
Human workflow app http://localhost:8988/integration/worklistapp/
If you create for example a mediator or a bpel project as a web service than you access them with this url http://localhost:8988/soa-infra/

Step 6 make your soa project and deploy / start it by running the composite.xml

Here are some screenshots of a mediator project and a picture of new console.


  1. Hav you test it on Linux or on Windows?
    On windows the soa configuration is not working, because it tries to use the standard "documents and settings" folder. The spaces in the directory name is not useable some configration scripts, so they wents wrong and the configuration failed.


  2. I use default the single user option jdev.exe -singleuser.

    In tp2 I had some problems with this

  3. I had the same "Documents and Settings" folder problem as smire. I got it to work by changing the jdev\bin\jdev.boot file by adding this line:

    ide.user.dir=[your dir]